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 i can see you through the blue glass in my palm: the space in between expands with [dense] pulse and [sticky] echo   


For 5.5 hours Rachel Lindsay-Snow walked up the three-story marble staircase of Palazzo Mora, Venice Italy and back down again.  For the entire duration of the action, they kept their eyes closed (without the aid of a blindfold).  In the palm, of one open hand, they carried a small piece of broken window glass with a slight blue tint.  When they would reach the bottom of the staircase they would turn around, switch the glass to their outside palm, and begin ascending the stairs.  Similarly, when they would reach the top of the staircase, they would turn around, switch the glass to their outside palm, and begin descending.  Lindsay-Snow attempted, through miss-steps and exhaustion, to maintain a normal walking pace and frequently matched the pace they heard of those climbing the stairs around them.  About half way through the action someone bumped the glass from Lindsay-Snow's hand and it tink-tink-tinked down the stairs.  "Will you find please find my glass?  Will you please find my glass?  Please find my glass.  Find my glass.  Glass.  Please find my glass,"  stated Lindsay-Snow as they remained on their last step with eyes closed.  When the glass was returned to their palm, "thank you", and they continued down the stairs.      

This work was exhibited as part of Venice International Performance Week.  It was produced in conjunction with Co-Creation Live Factory: Dissenting Bodies Marking Time 2020, under the tutorship of Marilyn Arsem.  


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