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Toil & Rest

various works,  2017

window glass, hollowed egg, paint, lace leaves, string, copper, bench, figure, hollowed egg, fishing line, concrete egg sculpture, balanced chair, balanced chair no. 2, paint, dandelion seeds, 1,068 human hairs, scotch tape  


Figure sits with their feet hovering above two eggs: one hollowed out egg shell, and one egg crafted out of concrete

1,068 hairs are taped to the wall, the amount of hair the artist found in their studio over a three month period

On the ground beneath is an installation of dandelion seeds

Found leaves that have naturally turned to lace are tied together to form a quilt

A hollowed egg hovers over shattered window glass

Each chair has been altered so that they stand perfectly balanced on their own two feet, there are no additional supports

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