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Reimaging Fear

various works,  2017

paint, gold leaf powder, painters tape, gold paint, graphite, bed frame, dandelion seeds, fishing line, scotch tape, gold thread, pebbles, paper (original source: National Geographic), white pen, clay pinch-pots, Queen-Anne's Lace, candles 

This installation drew from childhood memories of having nightmares, terrors, and a fear of the dark.  Each installation is specific to a place that was a trigger point:

Gold drawing underneath the door

Graphite drawing at the foot of the bed

Dandelion seed installation circling the bed frame

Drawing with fishing line and scotch tape on the window and window sill

Installation with gold thread and pebbles in the corner

Paper cuts and found poems with magazine pages featuring a story on wolves, installed on the closet walls

Installation of pinch pots, queen-anne's lace, and candles on the closet floor

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