Sorting Seeds and Fairies


milkweed seeds and seed-wings, table, chairs, vase, plate, figure, room, window screen 

Accompanying text:

I don’t know about you,



         I’ve been feeling a little

                 w o u n d u p 




right now 

i have an offer   to you        to       join me 


    I N    A    S O R T I N G        of seeds and fairies 


you may

                observe    or   participate 


we will be found


in FLAGG rm 130:

Tuesday September 25 08:30am-11:30am

Tuesday September 25 03:00pm-06:00pm

Wednesday September 26 02:00pm-5:00pm

Thursday September 27 08:30am-11:30am


the space will be open all other times to view


Hope to be with you there,


​@ 2015 by Rachel Lindsay. All rights reserved  

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